Our Vision Is To Be North America’s Leader In Hydraulic Cylinder Solutions

About Us

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Our Mission

We are committed to partnering with customers so we can deliver the best hydraulic cylinder solutions by continually investing in our people, the communities where we operate, and the latest technologies.

Our Values

Our core values are the foundation on which our company is built. Those values are Responsiveness, Integrity, Caring, Reliability, and Innovativeness.

Our Passion & Power

At Ligon Hydraulics, a half-dozen factors set us apart from other hydraulic cylinder manufacturers. They include a desire to out-perform competitors; manufacturing quality cylinders entirely in the U.S.; and solid commitments to Continuous Improvement, Developing People, and Customer Service.

Bringing It All Together

Ligon is an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinder solutions. Our passion is to collaborate with customers to develop the most innovative and reliable products and systems. We continually focus on achieving excellence in our level of technical expertise and quality of operations.

Our Goals


Invest in people, and their careers, with the goal of increasing retention and work/life balance to industry-leading levels by 2024.


Partner with strategic customers to become their top-performing and most sustainable supplier by 2024.


Deliver consistent top-line and bottom-line growth by continually investing in people, customers, communities, and technologies.


Become a recognized community leader by 2024 by contributing time and money to projects with local schools, charities, and special events.

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The Ligon Family of Companies

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Our History

Ligon Hydraulics is a privately held, tightly knit family of American companies focused on long-term strategic markets. Ligon companies manufacture custom-designed hydraulic cylinders and related products for a wide range of customers throughout many geographic regions. Ligon was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. The company has fueled its growth by making internal investments and acquisitions.