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Hydraulic Cylinder Product Matrix

Ligon Hydraulics produces the largest physical range of products in the industry. Our substantial product catalog is the result of more than 50 years of supplying high-quality hydraulic cylinder solutions, for a broad range of industries and applications, to equipment manufacturers around the world.

The product matrix below details some of our core product families. Our knowledgeable, experienced engineering and product development teams constantly add to our product catalog by designing custom hydraulic cylinders that solve customer application challenges.


Utilizing internal threaded heads, external threaded caps, or internal thread rings, Ligon Hydraulics supplies welded and threaded hydraulic cylinders to a vast array of industries. Whether building to our proven designs or using our advanced manufacturing capabilities to efficiently produce your existing design, customers are assured that they recieve a hydraulic cylinder that is safe and reliable.

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Welded/Threaded Hydraulic Cylinders


Utilizing standard materials and components that have been field proven to ensure long-term durability, Ligon Hydraulics supplies multi-stage hydraulic cylinders of various lengths and up to six stages. Whether you are looking for a cylinder manufacturer for your design or need our team of experienced engineers to design a custom multi-stage hydraulic cylinder for your application, our companies have the solution.

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Multi-Stage Hydraulic Cylinders


Bolt-on head-style hydraulic cylinders excel in rough service environments. Ligon Hydraulics bolted head designs allow for higher pressure capabilities, ease of service, and a relatively compact closed length. Applications for bolt-on head cylinders include excavators, mining and forestry equipment, and many other extreme duty cycle applications.

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Bolted-Head Hydraulic Cylinders


Pneumatic cylinders made from high-strength composite materials are precisely manufactured by Ligon Hydraulics for over-the-highway vehicles used primarily in hauling and dumping applications. The extremely lightweight pneumatic cylinders help reduce fuel consumption while retaining the ability to withstand extreme temperature swings and the rigors of highway use.

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Pneumatic Hydraulic Cylinders

Piston-Type Accumulators

Ligon Hydraulics manufactures piston-type accumulators in a wide range of different bore sizes and lengths for several industries, such as oil, mining, and road construction. Designed for optimal performance and safety, our piston-type accumulators offer a variety of standard features, while our engineering teams can also work with customers to develop application-specific solutions.

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Piston Hydraulic Cylinders


Piggyback hydraulic cylinders are ideal solutions for applications that require a longer extension with a short retraction area. Ligon Hydraulics designs and manufactures piggyback cylinders in industries such as service trucks, cranes, and fire equipment. We are experts at designing and building proven cylinder solutions or manufacturing cylinders to existing customer designs.

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Piigy Back Hydraulic Cylinders
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Hydraulic Cylinder Options and Features

Hydraulic Cylinder Options and Features Chart